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Gender Equality In The Workplace

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WomanWe are thrilled to announce that the new 2016/2017 Catalog is right here! These acclaimed and award-winning films are just what you are hunting for. Our new releases cover critical hot button subjects of today: a new collection on race, identity, and racial justice LGBTQ problems immigration and Latin America technologies /STEM violence against females feminism and the atmosphere and even a film on the present struggle for equity for females filmmakers, plus more!

I do not know. There are men who abuse the authority God has given them as husbands. This could be a reason why some females have a dilemma with becoming submissive. It is easy for me to submit to my husband because he love and respect me, but I will not submit to something that is not appropriate. You created a great point about getting subservant to employers and other men and women in authority in our lives.

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