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Hair Loss – Some Causes And Treatments For Women

Hair Loss – Some Causes And Treatments For Women
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Did you are aware that over 40 million women suffer from some type of hair loss problem? Most of these issues can be easily corrected. The first thing that should be done by a lady struggling with hair loss problems, is usually to identify why you have the situation. The best individual who can do this to suit your needs will be your doctor. Your doctor should be able to identify the main cause and prescribe the proper treatment.

Some possible causes and cures of thinning hair in females are:

Female Pattern Baldness (FPB): This is a result of the same hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), that produces Male Pattern Baldness (MPB). Though a result of the same hormone, the outcomes will vary. Instead of obtaining a bald patch, women will have a general thinning with the hair all around the scalp. To treat this, women should use the Federal Drug Administration approved medicine Minoxidil.

Stress: Stress for example that a result of divorce, childbirth, illness, surgery, death of a beloved, etc, might cause hair loss. But it is not evident until a few months as soon as the stress occurs or starts. This is because the power needed to grow the strand is diverted to locations the location where the body believes it’s needed. This causes the head of hair to go into the resting phase and falling out almost a year later. Once the stress is removed the hair will re-grow.

Thyroid Problems: An under-active or over-active thyroid can cause this challenge. If you believe until this may be the main cause, search for a dermatologist who focuses on hair. They will subscribe to the appropriate medications in your case.

Birth Control Pills: If you are using birth control pills that are high in estrogen, this will promote countless rapid hair growth. After many months, you may see an increase in thinning hair, nevertheless, it could eventually go back to the normal amount of hair you possessed if you started. So in such cases, nothing should be done.

Hormone Imbalance: If your hormones, especially if you are reduced estrogen, this could cause a hair loss. Allowing your hormones to return to their normal levels will stop the loss and permit you to re-grow hair.

Hair loss in females may be an extremely devastating event, both emotionally and socially. So if you are a woman, and so are experiencing hair thinning, you must go to a doctor to get it properly diagnosed. With proper diagnoses, you’ll typically, have the ability to re-grow the head of hair you’ve got lost.