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Heart Healthy Strategies Any Woman Can Use

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At one time heart disease was considered to be a man’s disease. That is no longer the case, as heart disease has become the number one threat to women and a leading cause of death. Since practicing prevention is important in guarding our health in every respect, doesn’t it make sense to implement some strategies now, rather than waiting until you develop a problem?

Heart Healthy Strategies Any Woman Can Use

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Inflammation of the cells is a disorder that is frequently associated with the aging process. However because of the western lifestyle, we are seeing more problems associated with inflammation in younger women as well. It is a common denominator in all kinds of chronic conditions and in particular affects the circulatory system. You will see many health news headlines about the problems caused by inflammation and how to prevent it or clear it up if you are already experiencing the effects of it.

Here are some steps that you can implement in your daily life:

1. Begin by making an appointment with your doctor for a physical exam. It’s impossible to know what you will need to change unless you know where you are starting. When you make the appointment, tell them that you want an evaluation of any factors that may be affecting your heart or circulatory health. Be sure to take a complete list of any medications and supplements that you are taking. Also have a written list of your own health history and family history. Even if you have been seeing the same doctor for a while, don’t assume that she/he knows these things. It is important to be your own health advocate.

2. Make a point of reducing your stress, and consider this an ongoing necessary step to guarding your health and preventing heart disease. Stress is a huge factor in causing inflammation! In addition to the fact that we live in stressful times, women playing multiple roles often suffer in particular from attempting to juggle work, family, financial concerns. They are often great at taking care of others, but lousy at good self care! Put yourself on the schedule, and take time for hanging out with friends; self care such as a yoga class, a massage, reading, quiet and contemplation. Learning to meditate will be a great health benefit.

3. Exercise several times a week. If you are not exercising at all, start now. Keep it  need to run a marathon (unless that appeals to you). Go for a walk, and pick up the pace as you are able to. If going to a gym motivates you, then do that. Aerobic activity that increases your heart and respiration level is what you are going for. There are added health benefits for weight training, but start with aerobics for reducing inflammation.

4. Improve your diet by getting Omega 3 fatty acids, which are ALA, EPA and DHA. You can find omega-3 pdf information online that will expand your knowledge about the important health benefits. Dr. Andrew Weil states that these omega-3 fatty acids help to support mental and physical health. In particular EPA supports heart and circulatory health.

You can get more EPA by eating dark, leafy vegetables and algae. Both EPA and DHA are also found in the fatty tissues of cold water, oily fish. Many people are concerned about ingesting contaminates such as mercury with ocean caught and even farm raised fish. If this concerns you, high quality fish oil supplements may be the answer.

According to the American Heart Association, omega-3 maintains healthy blood flow, carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Research reports show that omega-3 fish oil may benefit you by: slowing the build-up of plagues in the arteries; reducing the incidents of stroke and heart attacks; lowering your blood pressure; reducing triglycerides; reducing arrhythmia or irregular heartbeats; and lessening the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease.

Fish oil for women is a supplement that just makes sense for those who want to guard against the ravages of inflammation. As you implement these steps to improve your health and your cardiovascular system, consider this efficient and helpful addition to your daily regimen.