Fashion and Style Tips for Women

Whether you are new to fashion or you are a seasoned veteran, there are a few fashion and style tips that are important to keep in mind. Some of the most common fashion and style tips include balancing proportions, using patterns, keeping color neutral, and choosing an outfit that fits you.

White is the color of purity

White is a color that has been associated with purity for centuries. It is used by religious figures to symbolize holiness, innocence, and virtue. In the Bible, white represents purity, light, and the work of Jesus on the cross.

Some other associations of white include purity, a blank canvas, innocence, cleanliness, good health, and safety. However, too much white can be uninviting.

For instance, some people may view white as cold, sterile, and plain. Others may prefer a warmer hue. Regardless of your preferences, white is a great starting color.

In some cultures, white is the primary color for funerals. White is also a symbol of royalty and wealth.

Patterns give a different feel to your overall look

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