What Women Want in a New Car

When it comes to buying a new car, what women want is something that is stylish and reliable. This is a question that isn’t always easy to answer, but when you take into account factors like environmental friendliness, style, performance and reliability, it’s a lot easier to decide which model to choose.

Performance and reliability

For car owners, reliability is not just a feature, it is a requirement. If a vehicle goes down, it is a lot more expensive to get it back on the road. Even government agencies take reliability seriously. The good news is that modern cars are more reliable than their predecessors.

One way to determine reliability is to survey thousands of car owners. It is also worth checking out Consumer Reports and the EPA. They provide detailed information on how well different vehicles perform on the highway and in the city. Also, you should ask a knowledgeable salesperson how much they charge for repairs. This can make your search for a new car easier.

Aside from reliability, the best measure of a new car is fuel economy. These ratings are determined by combining mileage traveled in the city and on the highway. Cars that get better than average braking and collision avoidance are given extra points.


When it comes to style in a new car for women, there are many options to choose from. Some women want a luxury car, others are looking for a car with great style and quality, while still others simply …