Women’s Rights Are Being Violed All Over the World

Many people may not realize that women’s rights are being violated all over the world. From the street to the home to the supply-chain of our everyday utensils, gender-based violence is rampant. Women in countries such as Saudi Arabia and Italy are subjected to systematic misogyny and oppression. In order to make a difference, women need to be educated about these issues and their rights.

Discrimination stemming from systematic misogyny affects women all over the world

Did you know that the world’s largest economy is the United States? Not only is this the case, it is also the most diverse, with a population of more than 400 million residing in one country alone. The sheer diversity of people makes it a perfect place to live and work. For example, the average office worker can be a plethora of personalities and interests. Luckily, a few savvy employers have taken note and made their employees happy. Besides, if you can’t have fun, you won’t be a productive member of the workforce.

One of the best ways to combat discrimination is to make your employees feel welcome and valued. A few simple tricks can make this happen. Among them is ensuring that employees are informed about sexual harassment policies and providing them with tools to combat it.

Gender-based violence takes place on the street, at home and in the supply-chains of our everyday utensils

The effects of gender-based violence can be very serious, both physically and mentally. It has an impact on individuals …