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Acceptance of Changed Roles Depicted in Young Women

Acceptance of Changed Roles Depicted in Young Women
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Acceptance of Changed Roles of Young Women Depicted in Reality Shows

Women are usually associated with beauty, sensitivity, and delicacy. Their identity is pre-set right from childhood to these virtues. Currently, the depiction of women’s identity by numerous media resources is getting attempted to modify drastically. Heroism in women is becoming well known and being rather accepted by young women. This is becoming nurtured by ongoing soaps on television like Beg, Borrow or Steal, Roadies, Khatron Ke Khiladi, and Laughter Challenge.

The objective of the present study was to record and watch 5 episodes of those serials and evaluate the roles of young women getting depicted in them based on attire, language utilized, communication with males, self-assurance, physical strength, and emotional control/expression and risk-taking attitude.

In this regard, a common pre-structured interview together with the young college-going women between 18-24 years was carried out to find out the acceptance and rejection of these traits in women. The outcome reveals the unexpected appreciation for the upcoming modifications in the future roles of women.


Gender is being increasingly recognized and acknowledged as a major improvement situation. Lately, there is a developing trend towards reality Tv shows that happen to be determined by external shallow values. It includes a strong hypnotic effect even on the strongest minds. But though reality Tv may well seem like a harmless kind of entertainment, the damage (that is completed so subtly) is extremely effective and as a result, it deserves a closer look. So the question is ‘Do we actually will need further reality Television shows or maybe it is time for a reality check. The reputation of reality Tv should not come as a surprise thinking about the truth that we reside in a culture that worships vanity, as an alternative to virtue, and lives by the mantra of ‘she with the most toys lives’, rather than she together with the most joys lives. It is been stated that circumstances don’t make a lady, they only reveal her. Likewise, reality Tv is merely a reflection of what are young women has come to be.

So here will be the correct reality behind reality television, which is in the small business of producing us feel great rather than be good, essentially contributes to the developing complications in our society by celebrating human weakness instead of human excellence. Reality Television does not empower us but rather overpowers us by taking our innate power and inner understanding and spirituality away from us, leaving us feeling insecure, inadequate, significantly less fulfilled, isolated, and confused under the promotion of anti-social behavior, excessive self-indulgence, self-entitlement, greed, compromised integrity, obsession with winning at all charges, and erosion in morality.

The effects of television violence on young women have identified that they may grow to be insensitive to violence. Consequently, they tend to steadily accept violence as a way to resolve issues by imitating the violence they observe on reality shows(roadies, etc.) by identifying with characters, excellent or bad. Young women who watch reality shows in which violence is extremely realistic, and that is regularly repeated or unpunished, are more probably to imitate what they see that is confirmed by interview, These reality shows are truly affecting gender roles and show how women are rebelling against sexual social norms, and they are taking a much more active and aggressive role when dealing with heterosexual relationships. Sex-role stereotyping reflects the changes in beliefs in regards to the worth of household, kid care, the function of your lady in marriage along with the possibility of self-fulfillment through function.

Generally, on the planet of tv, women tend to become confined to a life dominated by family members and individual relationships far more than men, outside the house, together with within it and Girls understand from most reality shows that it is a man’s globe, and study to displace their point of view. Femininity is associated with such traits as emotionality, prudence, cooperation, a communal sense, and compliance. Masculinity tends to become connected with such traits as rationality, efficiency, competition, individualism, and ruthlessness, and in reality, shows female characters are shown taking up masculine traits and that is how the viewers(young women) are obtaining influenced by such shows and try to adhere to in their true lives whatever is shown in these reality shows today’s women desires to change her image completely by changing her style of dressing, utilizing extra of abusive or slang words, and are prepared in each sense to compete with boys. So these reality shows have changed the outlook of young women.


The descriptive research design was utilized so that you can describe the adjust in views of young women with regards to the roles of young women getting depicted in them around the basis of attire, language applied, communication with males, self-assurance, physical strength, and emotional control/expression and threat taking attitude. An easy random sample approach was made use of to gather the information from young college-going women in the noncoed institution.

A video recording of five episodes of the above-mentioned serials was accomplished which were extensively watched. A pre-structured interview together with the young college-going women between 18-24 years was performed to discover the acceptance and rejection of those traits in women. The percentage of positive and adverse replies was recorded.


Five episodes on the above talked about serials have been recorded and watched for the evaluation of attire, language used, communication with males, self-confidence, physical strength, threat taking attitude. The result revealed to show that reality shows boast about future expectations regarding women`s function in society. They encourage and record women’s incredibly casual method towards the self-image. Any innate individual might be hugely appreciated amongst youth in the coming generation.

Khatron Ke Khiladi is often a serial which encourages young females to compete with boys in hard stunts. The tricky predicament which these girls face commonly brings emotional outbursts, physical expressions of anger, and verbal extravagance.

Roadies judges the candidates around the basis of physical and psychological strength that is not socially applicable to the aggravation of rejection and non-Develops immediately and the participant is forced to do illogical jobs.

Beg, Borrow, or Steal pressurizes the participants to manage within limited resources and candidates across all the boundaries so that you can survive inside the limelight. Laughter Challenge can be a recognized platform for females’ participation and to survive the females must drag themselves to absurd comedy. The limit of this appears to become even escalating nevertheless quite a few participants have balanced themselves on the platform.

The college-going girls had been interviewed about the acceptance of the roles of females by way of these serials.