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Women Dating After Divorce: How To Start Dating Again

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You just experienced a very difficult episode in your life. Divorce is never an easy matter to face, no matter what the situation may be. Women dating after divorce, what do you say about getting back into the dating scene again? Sometimes people are pressured into dating again. You shouldn’t worry too much. Sooner or later you will meet people who you will find interesting. The key word here is to take your time.

Women Dating After Divorce: How To Start Dating Again

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There are so many things to consider now. You may feel that dating is not as easy as it used to be before you got married and it is true. You might be even frightened at the very thought of seeing other men after what you’ve been through. These are natural feelings of women dating after divorce. But no matter what happens, you should not feel pressured. Following are helpful pointers or dating tips that you may want to consider about dating.

You First

The very first consideration in dating after getting divorced is you. What is it you really want? Do you really want to start seeing other people at this point in time? Or are you just pressured by your friends and relatives to go out and enjoy life? Let’s face it, having supportive friends and families is important especially in difficult times like this. Don’t take it the wrong way, they mean well. But the most important question to ask is what you really want at this point in time? What do you need? Think and search deeply if you are ready to meet and date other men right now. If you feel uncomfortable then don’t! Nobody should force you to do something you do not want. But if you feel you are ready to meet and date other men then by all means do so. In this case nobody should tell you what you can and cannot do especially if your own happiness is at stake.

Let us fast forward a little bit and say you already found somebody you like to date, what should you do? How should you handle the situation? One sure answer is to take it slow. There is no need to rush things in your life. Enjoy your new found freedom, a life where the only person you think about is yourself. Remember the mistakes you made in the past and try very hard not to fall into those things again. Now having said that, experts do believe that divorced people should understand that there is a fine line between being careful and being paranoid. Go out and enjoy if this is what you want but also be on the lookout for tell tale signs that the guy you are dating is not for you.


After examining yourself and what you want in life, it’s now time to face the fact that you do have kids to consider. Always remember that they also went through a difficult time with the divorce. Whatever decision you make now will certainly have an effect on them. How you talk with them and how you tell them what you are feeling would depend on the ages of your kids. But keep in mind that whatever age they may be, divorce is always a sensitive matter.

Experts say that it is always best to introduce your dating partner if there is already a relationship involved. It is not necessary to introduce your kids to guys you are dating. This process will only confuse them even more. Then again, it is necessary to tell them about your situation and that you are ready to go out with friends so that they are aware that you are starting your social life again. It is also best to ask them how they feel about it so that they’ll know that they are somehow included in your plans and that you respect their opinion.

How And Where?

Aside from your parental concerns, the next difficult questions you need to answer are how to start and where to begin dating? It is best to start by going out with your girl friends on activities that interest you. This will give you back the old “feelings” of having a good time and going out. You might want to go out on dinner dates on nice restaurants, gala openings of a play you really love, Art exhibits, wine tasting and a lot more. These are just some samples of places you can go to enjoy yourself and to meet somebody interesting in the process. Have fun.

Remember that divorce is not the end of everything in your life. It might even be a start of something better and greater things in your personal affairs. Just don’t forget to examine yourself and discover what you really want. Next is your kids and the rest is about your better judgement. Be happy. Always think that you deserve better.