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Can Women And Men Be Friends? This Age Old Question Is Still Ever Present In Modern Times

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The online world tends to step into our life, world and imagination. Coloring our thoughts and unfortunately can do so with relationships, with dating and online relationship sites these days. Lets seek to go deeper and discover friendships between a man and a woman as a subject of wonder and selfless joy.

Can Women And Men Be Friends? This Age Old Question Is Still Ever Present In Modern Times

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Among the most beautiful wonders of the world is the human ability to develop, savor and appreciate friendships with the opposite sex without the cumbersome and painful baggage of juvenile approach to dating and relationships between men and women today even as found online.

Contrary to an apparently prevailing trend in the sexualizing of society even through the online relationship profiles, moral integrity still is ever present especially with the Christian dating sites online. The continuation of a stable, civil social infrastructure depends upon the ability of adults to demonstrate adult behavior and a mature regard and respect for one another. Women tend to have no problems relating to other women. Lacking a regard for normal adult behavior would obviously throw a developing world into an environment not dis-similar to that of sodom and Gomorrah prior to it’s inevitable end in ancient times.

Obviously we live in a world that plays host to a wide variety of nationalities and much is to be found with online relationship and social networking websites, but there remains only two genders: male and female. What this means to us is that we are surrounded everyday by thousands of people who are our gender opposite, many of whom we find ourselves in close working proximity with. At some point we find it necessary to decide how we will choose to relate to our gender opposite and the state of mind we have resigned ourselves to has everything to do with the success or failure of our human experience.

Fortunately there is much worthwhile information to found online regarding this at the various relationship websites, blogs and resources for online personal networking and dating and women and men relationships as well as many a author and psychologist to aid in shedding light on the need both women and men have that would allow a very healthy platonic relationship in the area of mutual friendship.

For some of us the necessity of making a deliberate decision to develop and exhibit mature behavior regarding the opposite sex is an epiphany. From somewhere deep within an overly stimulated, adolescent imagination the aphorisms, the aspect of a friendship as mutually agreed upon and chosen by a man and a woman would require self control and moderation. Know thyself. At this juncture the option of men and women actually cultivating benign friendships looms on the horizon as a distinct possibility.

We come away feeling liberated from the mental-emotional constraints of a scandalous social mindset which is oft crept this day and age. We emerge from darkened animalistic disregard for self-control and respect for purity to a personal dawn on the concepts of internal peace, moral decency, and relational integrity. Which is critical if one is to develop a relationship that is based on honest friendship terms and habits. And for the first time in the lives of many the notion of men and women sharing society as friends in fidelity is not only a possible option, but welcomed in the season it happens.

There have been mockers and scoffers of moral purity in every age, era and generation: ours is no different; they too live among us and they know who they are. Women are of the greater sexual nature and men are to desire them sexually. It is so sad that we can find this online websites that are for relationships and dating. It is most unfortunate that this social element has achieved high levels of exposure and influence from which to foist their corrupted perceptions of human interaction between sexes upon impressionable minds; many of whom have made the senseless, disastrous mistake of turning their mind and heart toward dating for a more physical relationship than a relationship that comes from the heart.

By the lights of this element men and women exist for the exclusive purpose of erotic abandon and every conceivable form of sexual degradation as even apparent with some dating sites online. Somewhere between total decadence and moral impeccability, vast multitudes are finding it necessary to discover and decide if men and women can and do coexist as casual acquaintances and mutual friends in a relationship. But its not so much a matter of can we be just friends, its a matter of deliberate choice on the basis of established moral boundaries regardless of the social media and dating websites as well as the image women have today even through online media.

Obviously, and in conclusion the ultimate answer to this question rests with the individual. As individuals, however, we must bear in mind that we increasingly live in a globalized society thanks to the internet and online dating and relationships websites so now our actions have a far reaching impact on society beyond the scope of our personal island paradise. When one voice, one attitude and one code of moral behavior are multiplied 200 million times, we hold within our collective grasp the destiny of a nation and the world. Thanks to social media online and online networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

So for the man, if you would like the friendship of a woman, moderation, patience and agape-love is the most critical to keep the integrity of the friendship relationship in order.